Date of the last update: 2020, August 24

Ownership of the Domain useswood.com

The website www.useswood.com is registered under the "Regulation of .PT domains/subdomains registration" and is owned by Swoodtech, Lda. (Hereinafter Swood), headquartered at PCI - Science and Innovation Park; Central Building, Via do Conhecimento 3830-352 Ílhavo, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon under the unique number of registration and legal person 514975784, with a registered capital of € 2,250.00 (two thousand two hundred and fifty euros).

For any clarification related to the website www.useswood.com or these General Conditions, you can contact us at any time through Swood by any of the following means:

Email: hello@useswood.com

Letter: PCI - Parque de Ciência e Inovação; Edifício Central, Via do Conhecimento 3830-352 Ílhavo

Purpose and scope

The present General Conditions apply to the visitors (from now on referred to as user) of our website and platform and to all those who want to be our partners. For any clarification related to the website www.useswood.com or these General Conditions, you can contact us at any time through Sword by any of the following means:

Navigation on the site implies acceptance of these General Conditions.

Sword reserves the right to change these General Conditions of Contract and Use without prior notice, any changes being published on the website www.useswood.com.

Content information

Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of the www.useswood.com website without prior written permission granted by Swood is prohibited for purposes other than strictly personal use.

We reserve the right to modify at any time the information presented on the website about our services and potential partnerships.

It is explicitly forbidden to anyone the introduction of links to this website, regardless of the intended purpose, it is prohibited without prior authorization from Sword.

The use of our domain for abusive purposes, and without prior authorization, is subject to the use of competent legal means by Swood.

If you find links on other sites that allow you to access our page, we inform you that Swood has no responsibility for either the source of the page or the contents registered on it.

Swood does not assume responsibility for ads and campaigns that use the Swood brand without being legitimately chosen for that purpose.

Whenever we are aware, we will inform on our website about all fraudulent actions carried out by third parties on behalf of Swood or that use, in any way, its name or image in an abusive and illegitimate way.

Whenever you are aware of the fraudulent nature of any action in this area, under no circumstances should you access, confirm or insert your personal data, namely your bank details, nor subscribe to any service that is proposed to you. Swood recommends that you DO NOT CLICK the associated links and DO NOT ACCESS any associated external website.

To protect its customers and their personal data, Swood will take all necessary measures to ensure the legitimate defense of its interests, namely concerning the misuse of its industrial property rights (brand, trade name), good name and reputational image.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented here is free from typographical or typing errors and whenever these occur, Swood will proceed with the respective correction as soon as possible.

Intellectual Property

Company names, brands, as well as any distinctive signs reproduced on our website are protected under the applicable laws to industrial property. Reproduction or representation of all or part of these distinctive signs is strictly prohibited and must be subject to prior written authorization from the respective owners. Certain software programs (software) are subject to personal and specific rights of use that regulate the respective copies, public broadcasts and rental. The Customer must comply with the general conditions for the sale of these Products, and Swood is not responsible for any improper use made of them.

Swood only uses protected rights of third parties (brands, names, logos or names of companies and services) after the respective authorization of their owner.

All texts, comments, works, illustrations, works and images reproduced or represented on the website are duly protected by the respective copyright. In this way and under the terms of the Copyright and Related Rights Code, its use for private purposes will only be authorized, without prejudice to more restrictive provisions contained in the mentioned Code. Any reproduction or total or partial representation of the site or all or part of the elements included in it is strictly prohibited, under penalty of recourse to the competent legal means against anyone acting in this way.

If you believe that any content on our site violates the rights of a third party, you must inform Swood in writing and preferably by email to the following address: complaint@useswood.com putting in the subject "Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights".


Swood declines any responsibility that may arise as a result of using our services in non-compliance with our legal system.

Swood is not responsible for damages resulting from any interference, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctions, or disconnections of the operating system that may temporarily prevent access, navigation, or the provision of services to Users.

Swood is not responsible for situations of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, resulting from unforeseen events or natural forces foreign to human action, which cannot be avoided or situations that create the impossibility of fulfilling the performance that cannot be imputable or attributable to Swood, namely in situations such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, epidemics, pandemics, among others. Whenever this occurs, Swood will take the necessary measures to inform customers immediately, and as soon as it becomes aware of it, about the circumstances and foreseeable consequences of this impossibility.