Frequent asked questions

1. How do I log into my Swood account?


To start, you must have received, in your e-mail registered by your company, a link, and instructions on how to proceed to create an access password.

Next, you will need to log into your account, unlock your card, and set a PIN for it. (PIN is the numeric password to use your Swood card).

Have you already downloaded our app? With it, you can have control over your balance, purchases and transactions, all in the palm of your hand. It is available for download at Google Play and App Store, just search for Swood! :)

2. How do I set or reset the password to access my profile?

You must access the welcome email and click on the set password link. You can set it through the Swood app or the Web Platform.

The registered password is the same for all accesses, web platform or application.

IN THE APP: With the app already installed on your phone or tablet, you will be directed to a password setting screen.

To be accepted, the password must meet the following criteria:

• have 6 to 20 characters letters and numbers of the alphabet;

• at least one capital letter;

• at least one symbol Options are: ! @ # $ % & * ( ).

Repeat the chosen sequence and confirm the operation. You will receive a message confirming the success!

If at some point in the future you want to change your password, just click on your photo icon on the homepage, select "Settings", then "Change Password" and repeat the operation.

ON THE WEB PLATFORM: When you click on the link in the welcome email, you will be directed to a page in your browser. In it, the option "Password" will be selected in the side menu. Just enter a new password in the indicated field, repeat and confirm the operation. For your password to be accepted, it must meet the criteria described above.

3. I missed or didn't receive the welcome email from Swood. What should I do?

If you have lost or not received the email, please contact the Swood Help Center at: Inform your full name, company, CPF and we will help.

4. How do I access my Swood account?

You can access your account through the Application and Web Platform.

IN THE APP: Log in with the previously-defined registered email and password. In it you can control your balance in wallets, purchases and transactions. In addition to setting or resetting the access password. Unlock or Lock your card, set the PIN and change it when needed.

ON THE WEB PLATFORM: Type in your browser, and click on “Access Swooder” in the upper left corner of the homepage. Then just log in with your email and password. Here you can browse your wallets, benefits received, balances, purchases and transactions. In addition to having access to your profile, to keep it always up to date.

5. I don't have a picture on my profile, how can I upload one?

ON THE WEB PLATFORM: Once logged in, simply click on your name in the upper right corner and select the option "My Profile". Then, click on "Upload Avatar", choose the photo and that's it, it will be associated with your profile on the Swood platform.

You can put your photo in the app too! On the home page go to the photo icon in the upper right corner. Select "My Profile" and click "Edit". You can change your profile picture by taking a new one or choosing a picture from your phone's gallery.

6. I have available credit but I can't buy what I want. Why?

Perhaps this is because your manager has determined that an amount of your balance must necessarily be spent on a specific benefit category, which changes your overall available amount. You can check this information in the benefit wallets available, both in the app and on the web platform.

7. My Swood card was not accepted by the establishment. What should I do?

• Ask to try again, there may have been a communication error between the machine and the operator;

• Ask to use another machine;

• Check if the amount is in the correct category, that is, see if you have available balance in the wallet that you want to use for payment. Ex.: I have a balance in my food wallet, but I'm trying to use it in a restaurant (meal wallet). Enter the application and transfer the amount you need from the food wallet to the meal wallet. Wait a few minutes and try to redo the purchase. Attention: you will only be able to transfer values ​​between categories if the configuration of the plan contracted by your company allows this type of transaction.

8. Can I put more money on my Swood card balance?

Not for the time being, only your manager/responsible is the one who has the power to credit values ​​to your wallets, as well as establish which benefit wallets are available to you, in addition to the possibility of transferring values ​​between them.

9. Can I transfer my credit from one wallet to another?

Yes, as long as you have credits in the wallets in question and the possibility of transfers is also enabled.

IN THE APP: Go to the "Wallets" icon at the bottom of the home screen. Check if in the column "Transfers" there is the icon that allows the transaction. Click on it for the source category. On the next screen, choose the destination category, and enter the desired value, paying attention to the value that can be transferred. Carefully review the information in the summary and confirm the transfer.

ON THE WEB PLATFORM: Go to the "Wallets" menu and follow the same instructions for transfer.

10. Can I make balance transfers whenever I want?

Yes, as long as the configuration of the plan contracted by your company allows this type of transaction.

11. Is the transfer of balance between wallets immediate?

Yes, just wait a few moments for our system to process the operation.

12. Can my manager determine how I should spend my credit?

Yes, he can choose what part of his credit must necessarily be spent in one or more categories. Swood makes this situation possible to help companies reinforce some corporate policies, such as encouraging education or physical activity.

13. Is the credit I receive from my company cumulative?

Yes. If you don't use your credit, it rolls over to the next month and so on.

14. Will my Swood card be sent to my home?

Your manager, when hiring Swood, chooses whether the cards will be delivered individually or if they will be delivered together at a single address, such as the company's headquarters, for example.

15. I didn't receive my card. What should I do?

Check your profile if your details are up to date. Inform your manager/responsible for screening the card.

16. Does my Swood card work like a debit or credit card?

Your Swood card must always be used in the cash credit mode.

17. Is it possible to split my purchases with my Swood card?

No, the Swood card is a cash payment credit card.

18. Is it possible to register my Swood card in payment applications, online orders, and delivery? Such as Picpay, Ifood, Rappi, among others.

Yes, like any credit card, the Swood card works for app registrations. Attention to the balance of the referring category, for example, Picpay is only valid for the Free wallet.

19. My card is unlocked and ready to use! How can I use it?

ON THE FIRST USE of your physical Swood card, you must make the payment by insertion, and then enter the PIN set to confirm the purchase. Payment by card approximation is released on the second chance. If the operator does not accept the transaction, ask the operator to try another machine.

20. Where is my Swood card accepted?

In all establishments that accept the Mastercard brand! However, you must check the wallets and balances available in the configuration of the plan contracted by your company. Some examples below:

Food wallet: hyper-super-mini markets, grocery stores, butchers, wholesalers, hortifrutis, open-air stalls. (Carrefour, Assaí, Rede Bom Lugar, Pão de Açúcar, Extra, Atacadão among others)

Meal wallet: restaurants, bars, snack bars, bakeries, coffee shops, fast-food chains, pizzerias and online ordering and delivery apps. (Mc Donalds, Outback, Burguer King, Habibs, Starbucks, Dominos, Spoleto, Pizza Hut, Giraffas, KFC, Subway, Ifood, Rappi among others)

Health and Wellness wallet: hospitals, medical centers, private clinics, aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, clinical analysis laboratories, pharmacies and drugstores. (Drogasil, Droga Raia, Farma Ponte, Dr. Consulta, Labi, Laboratórios Fleury, Delboni Auriemo, among others)

Transport wallet: public transport tickets - purchased inside the terminal, mobility apps, car, bicycle and scooter rental, gas stations, travel: bus, train and plane tickets. (Uber, 99, Shell, Ipiranga, Tembici among others)

Culture wallet: cinemas, streaming apps, museums, theaters, shows, exhibitions and events. (Cinemark, UCI, Netflix, Disney+, Globoplay, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and the like)

Education wallet: universities, colleges, free courses, language and computer schools. (Estácio, Anhembi Morumbi, Cambly, Wizard, Fisk among others)

Home Office Wallet: stationery stores, bookstores, office furniture stores. (Kalunga, Saraiva, Gimba, Tok&Stok, Mobly and similar)

Free Wallet: accepted in all establishments that accept the Mastercard brand.

21. I have credit in the correct category, but an error message appears on the establishment's machine. What should I do?

It may happen that the card machine has a registration different from the category of activity of the establishment. If this happens to you, send us a message via e-mail at, with the subject: “TRANSACTION ERROR”, with your name, company, CPF, date of purchase denied and establishment. Explain the situation for our team to review.

22. What is the deadline for delivering the card?

On average 10 working days for delivery to your address, or directly to your company, depending on the configuration of the plan contracted by your company.

23. I lost my card, what should I do?

For your safety, as soon as you realize that you have lost your Swood card, go to the application or Web Platform and block it in "My Cards".

You can request a 2nd copy of your card through the web platform or application. The request will be forwarded for approval. You can also contact your manager/guardian directly.

24. How do I unlock my card?

You can unlock your Swood card through the app or the Web Platform.

IN THE APP: On the home screen, go to "My Cards", click "Unlock", and authenticate the operation by entering your password to access the application and confirm the operation.

ON THE WEB PLATFORM: In the "Home" menu, click on the card and then on "Unlock".

25. How do I block my card?

The Swood card should only be blocked in the event of loss or theft.

You can block your Swood card through the app or the Web Platform.

IN THE APP: On the home screen, go to "My Cards", click "Block", and authenticate the operation by entering your password to access the application and confirm the operation.

ON THE WEB PLATFORM: In the "Home" menu, click on the card and then on "Block".

26. How do I register the 4-digit PIN to use my Swood card?

You can register your card PIN through the application or Web Platform.

IN THE APP: On the home screen, go to "My Cards", click "Change Pin", confirm the operation with your password, set 4 numbers, repeat and confirm. Attention to the rules:

• numbers cannot be sequential;

• the numbers cannot be the same.

ON THE WEB PLATFORM: Click on your photo/avatar icon, and select "My profile". Select "Pin" from the side menu, set 4 numbers, repeat and save the operation.

I no longer work for the company that hired Swood, will I lose my credit?

After leaving the contracting company, either by shutdown or dismissal, the balance will have a maturity of 15 days. That is, you have 15 days to use the amount credited to your account. After this period, you will no longer have access to the Swood platform, and consequently, to the credit available on it.